We are a financial services provider to Independent Financial Advisors and related networks (e.g. Masthead; Old Mutual; Cadiz Financial Services Group).

Policy Trader is Yield Capital’s division dedicated to dealing directly with the public and specialising in solutions to provide cash for restricted policies.

We have:

  • 25 years collective experience and product knowledge
  • online access to some of South Africa’s largest assurers for quick and accurate policy evaluation; OLD MUTUAL; CADIZ; LIBERTY; ABSA (AIMS); ASTUTE; METROPOLITAN (now MMI); DISCOVERY
  • long standing relationships with Life Offices and Independent Financial Advisors
  • completely independent with access to large capital base enabling us to conclude large transactions quickly


What Our Clients Have To Say:

Good Afternoon Michael and Cheryl,
I am really overwhelmed with gratitude! I would like to thank your company for the amazing service I received. In a time of desperate need my very own financial adviser and broker could not help me for months until I found your company on Google. While doing the process I was irresolute about everything as anyone can’t be trusted especially handing over a valuable asset but the process turnaround time was surprisingly rapid.
Your response and continuous support and assurance during the process was really comforting in a time of desperate need and despair.
I highly recommend Policy Trader (Yield Capital) if you looking for safe and secure way to sell your policy. They trustworthy, reliable, friendly and very professional.

Best Regards

Your response & continuous support during the process was comforting

“Thank you so much, I saw your email regarding the confirmation of settlement and thought to myself I didn’t want to get too excited but in morning, just like you said it, the money was reflecting in my account. Thank you so so much, I really appreciate what you have done for me and my family.”

Ntokozo Manyathi

Policy Trader Testimonial


“Hi Cheryl

Thank you so much for the amazing service. You have come through for me at a time of need. Please keep up the good work!”
Regards, Buyelwa


“Hi Cheryl,

Thanks so much for the payment, I received it and would like to thank you and the wonderful Yield Team. Please continue assisting others.”

Best regards,

Good day Belinda,
I would just like to thank you and your company for allowing me to live debt free again! I never thought that I would actually receive help as I had been in serious debt and thought my life would be over.
At first I was very skeptical about everything, especially when handing over such valuable assets, but you and your friendly staff have advised me and kept me updated every step of the way.
I am now happily debt free and one of very few who can say this in our current economic crisis. I am honoured to pass the word around about your company and the joy of dealing with you guys.
Again thank you ever so much for helping me to breathe and move forward in my life”

Best Regards
Shihir Singh

Thank you for helping me live debt free again


“Hi Belinda

Thank you for all your help. You guys were efficient, reliable and definitely not a fly by night organisation.
Payment was speedy.”
Regards, Meriting


They provide a safe and secure way to sell your policy

“I was very happy with the services I received from Yield Capital especially with my consultant Belinda Henry. Everything is as they specified on their website, they are reliable and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend Yield Capital to my friends and family, they keep their word. If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to sell a policy then I highly recommend Policy Trader, a division of Yield Capital”

Kind Regards

“I am so happy that I got your details off the internet. You have helped so much that you will never understand. Thank you for your very friendly and professional service. You told me what I had to do and you helped me complete all the relevant documentation. The whole process was easy and the money was paid over when you said it would be. There was no hidden costs and no false stories. I thank you once again and I would definitely recommend your company to any prospective client”

Regards, Cheryl

“Good Morning Belinda

I would like to thank Yield Capital for assisting me with the process of trading my policy, it was a process that I had been previously informed was impossible, but they handled it well and kept me informed at every stage. Very professional service, thank you”

S Ndlovu

Policy Trader Testimonial
“Yield Capital helped me at my time of need and bought my investment policy for a good price. They were very patient with me and were happy to clarify anything I didn’t understand”


“Policy Trader has literally come through as a life saver for me considering my financial situation before the sale of my endowment policy.

The responses from the Insurance Company were totally disheartening and all they could respond to was the fact that a withdrawal had already been made on my policy and that I would have to wait out the full five year term to receive the remainder of my funds.

They were extremely professional and saved the day for me”


“I took out an investment policy at a young age to invest part of my inheritance. Due to the fact that I was studying I had to disinvest some of the funds as well as take a loan on the investment about a year after investing. After another year when trying to access the policy again I learnt that my investment was in the restriction period and I would not be able to access it until it has matured which was still two years away. Unfortunately the financial advisor did not explain this to me and I was left having to deal with the fact that I cannot access my own funds. After searching around on the internet I came across Yield Capital.

I called the company and sent through my investment policy details. Within a few hours I had an offer to purchase from Mike. After I signed the documents the following morning, the money was paid to my account the very next day. Mike and his team were really a godsend to me as I desperately needed the money. Even though they could have given me far less than my policy was worth Mike made me a reasonable offer and gave me more than I expected since they also had to pay the loan on the policy back. He even gave me some great advice regarding future investments. I would gladly recommend Yield Capital to anyone in a similar situation as I was.”

Cynthia Mills

Policy Trader Testimonial

“Good Afternoon Mike

I would just like to express my gratitude towards Yield Capital and in particular Cheryl who has been extremely friendly and helpful. My experience has been wonderful and I will happily refer anyone from within the Hereford Group and my client base to you guys should the need arise.

We sometime make discussion based on our current life situation which we feel, at the time, will be best suited for future us, but we tend to forget that life happens all too often. When I originally invested my money it was my intention to put it away for 5 years and have no access to it. However half-way through my investment life happened and I had to get cash, and get it quick. After approaching numerous investor and banks neither of them were willing to consider a cession or reasonable offer for my investment due to the current economic situation we find ourselves in. After some research I can across Yield Capital and since the minute I submitted my online application to accepting an offer I have been genuinely impressed with the level of communication and feedback from Cheryl. Needless to say the turnaround time was exceptional.

It’s refreshing to know that there are people out there who are willing to help and also who will not take your dire situation for their own benefit. Again, thank you for everything. From one adviser to another, brilliant work”


“Good Morning Mike

In all my experience with financial institutions this is the most professional and rewarding experience we have ever encountered.

From the word go it was a pleasant, straight- forward and trusting journey that started with Cheryl lasting throughout the process – absolutely fantastic – especially the continuous updates, pragmatism and honesty.

The offer exceeded all our expectations, thank you.

Genuine appreciation from our hearts; Cheryl needs special mention for her kindness, sense of urgency and unselfish support.

You have two new ambassadors.

Respects and in admiration”
Dirk and Christa

From the word go it was a pleasant, straight- forward and trusting journey


Policy Trader Testimonial
“Hi Cheryl,
I have worked with so many service providers but I have never seen such service excellence before. May God bless your business even more”.

Thank you, Refiloe

“Good Day Cheryl

I would like to Thank you and your company for your assistance in my time of need. Your communication and prompt responses are highly appreciated. Payment was also efficient. Keep on the good work assisting people in need”.

Regards, Mnikati