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NB: Policy Trader provides an alternative to a personal loan by providing an option to SELL YOUR restricted investment.

No matter whether you have bad/poor credit history, Policy Trader is able to provide you with an option that does not require you to apply for a loan or pay back any interest.

If you own an endowment policy, structured product or preference shares which is restricted, you are still able to sell it for a market related price even though the life companies or product providers are not able to offer you a price due to it being restricted. Policy Trader will pay out the agreed cash amount within 48 hours, once original documents have been received, making the process quick, simple and hassle free.


Your Restriced Policy


Policy Trader


You Get Cash

Other Options to Policy Trader

Micro lenders – They charge very high interest rates

Alternative lending institutions – They offer high interest rates, low loan to asset value

Banking institutions – There are numerous barriers before approval


The Benefits of Using Policy Trader

Policy Trader

  • Cash for the policy / investment you own
  • No credit vetting (credit check)
  • Quick and easy process (online and offline)
  • No interest payable, due to the fact that you are selling something you own
  • Paid in cash within 48 hours once original documents have been received
Other Options

  • Apply for a personal loan from various institutions.
  • Affordability assessment in accordance with the national credit act.
  • Could take weeks to be approved
  • Have to re-pay interest and capital plus upfront admin fees.
  • Long lead time before loan agreement is concluded.


Unfortunately, because of South African legislation, we can’t buy every type of policy, those products that don’t qualify at Policy Trader are:

  • Retirement annuities or Living annuities
  • Pension / Provident / Preservation fund policies
  • New generation pure life cover only policies
  • Medical or Disability cover policies
  • Funeral policies
  • Deferred compensation
  • Policies that have already matured

So if your policy does not fall under this list, put your mind at ease with a no obligation evaluation to see if it qualifies.

Get a no obligation estimate of your policy's value

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