Sell Your Policy

Do you need cash?

  • Have you been turned away from the Life Office because your policy is restricted?
  • Have the banks declined providing you a personal loan against your policy?
  • Does your policy no longer suit your financial needs?
  • Would you like to access cash from your policy even though it is restricted?

Selling your restricted policy is a viable option!

We purchase Endowment pure Investment Policies (usually pols that are in a restricted period where a loan/withdrawal from the life office has already been taken and further cash cannot be accessed) with a minimum current value of R50 000 or more.

Simply follow these easy steps to turn your restricted policy into cash:
For swifter evaluations on your investment policies, forward us a current policy statement – each policy is evaluated individually on its own merit. Alternatively Request an evaluation from Policy Trader for your restricted policy by completing our consent form (except for Discovery Invest).

If the investment qualifies, Policy Trader will send you an offer to purchase (valid for 7 days) together with all the documentation that needs to be completed in order for us to buy the policy. Sign the offer to purchase together with the documentation provided and email it to

Please note that under current legislation it is not possible to transfer ownership on any retirement/living annuities or pension/provident/preservation fund policies and therefore they cannot be sold.
We do not purchase Group Schemes, Life policies, Funeral policies or any Medical or Disability policies and we do not provide any sort of cash loans.

What if my investment is not a restricted policy?

There are alternative solutions for different investments. Policy Trader, however, deals with restricted policies. For more information on your options, contact us.

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Sell Your Policy