Have you ever been to a life company or financial advisor for extra cash from your endowment policy or structured product, only to discover that the investment is restricted and that they:

  • Tell you they can’t help you and send you away with no options.
  • Sorry but no further cash is available.
  • Sorry but cash has already been withdrawn from this policy / investment and therefore no further cash is available.
This leaves you with limited options other than you having to apply for a loan possibly at very high interest rates, which will have to be repaid. This could put you in a worse position than you were before as the interest rates are often higher than the return in the policies.

Don’t stress, Policy Trader could be an option for you.

Why use Policy Trader?

We are the leader in buying endowment policies and alternative investments with restrictions (no cash available). So if you have an endowment policy, structured product or preference shares and you are interested in seeing what cash value you could get for it, click on the link for a free, no obligation evaluation.

Heads up for some of the products we cannot buy:
  • Retirement annuities
  • New generation life policies (where there is no investment element)
  • Deferred compensation
  • Policies that have already matured
  • Funeral Policies
So if your investment is not one of the above listed here, put your mind at ease and click on the link to see if the investment qualifies.

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